Saturday, June 21, 2008



Inflation has been a cause of major worry for the UPA ever since it assumed office 4 years ago with the outside help of the Left Parties.  To compound this problem of growing inflation, or probably the cause of inflation is the rise in international crude oil price.  The point of conflict between the government and the Left is who should be burdened by the unprecedented price rise in crude oil market.

The Government wants to increase the prices of petrol, diesel moderately to ease the burden on the government and the oil marketing companies(OMCs) whereas the Left Parties want the government to reduce the levies on petrol and diesel which constitute almost half of their prices.  But the government is not willing to sacrifice its resources considering that there are many new plans like farm loan waiver to be executed.  So the resulting price rise is not a surprise.  The price of a barrell of crude oil rose from $27 in 2004 to $130 now which is a five fold increase.  The central government has asked the states to decrease the levies, but they point a finger at the central government to follow its own advice.  

In my opinion, it is the people who bear the cost of dearer petrol be it in the form of price hike or tax cuts.  In the former case the consumers bear it and in the latter case the honest tax payers bear it.  Obviously the former case is better.

The friction between the left and UPA is hottening up thanks to th nuke deal controversy price hike and the soaring inflation.  Left is to the UPA what PMK is to DMK.  DPA can survive without PMK so DPA decided to snap ties with it but the misery bogging our PM and co. is that they are at the mercy of the Left and the Government could topple any time.  So what is best for UPA is to avoid another price hike and reduce taxes and duties to ease burden on OMCs.


Friday, June 20, 2008

PMK-DMK alliance breakage fallout: 

As this site is specifically used to discuss the implication of some major incidents in Indian politics let me judge the future of Tamil Nadu politics in the current situation the DMK-PMK alliance breakup was not unexpected though the early parting has caught many by surprise the reasons are many:  Free tv sets, TASMAC outlets, aiding foreign investment, no action against retail chains, sand mafia and many more. Dr. Ramadoss came up with a fault in the functioning of the government almost daily. Naturally the DMK government couldn't bear an attack from within the alliance and decided to part ways. Now there are two possibilities. The PMK can go it alone or tie with the AIADMK (less probable after being staunch enemies for over 5 years though nothing is impossible in politics). The most probable scenario is PMK going alone in Lok sabha polls and most likely return empty handed. This situation is likely to haunt Mr. Ramadoss since he now has 6 M.Ps in Lok Sabha. So he would actively hunt for an alliance with AIADMK. It remains to be seen whether AIADMK accepts it. It may or may not. It may since it is without any major alliance partner till now and a popular conception that the PMK always ends in the winning coalition. It may not since it is expected to tie up with BJP and PMK has till now accused BJP of communal politics. So pratically it is impossible BJP ties up with PMK. so in all likeliness PMK should do it alone in Lok sabha polls-2009. Only time will tell how many seats will be won by the PMK.  

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Come on dudes lets rock into the world of politics.  Right from Manmohan Singh to Vijaykanth(captain) and from Pratibha Patil to Uma Bharathi..................... here goes the latest updates and its implications to the common man.  From tommorrow onwards this page will be buzzling with the latest sensational activities in the hottest politic zones(Credit to Bal Thackeray).